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Say Hello to Grind

Grind is an opinionated Node web framework that utilizes popular packages in an easy to use framework to provide a solid foundation for you to build your apps on, without reinventing the wheel.

export function RoutesProvider(app) {
   app.routes.get('/', (req, res) => {
      res.render('', {
         name: 'Grind'


Grind’s provider system means all components are replacable. Want to replace the default DBA? Go for it!

Performance over Everything

Grind’s built on Express and all routing is compiled to Express routes at runtime so there's no additional latency.

Developer Friendly

Grind provides a well structured foundation and numerous dev tools (including in-browser syntax errors!) to help you move fast.

Integrated Asset Management

Grind Assets are ready to go, no messing around with Webpack or Gulp. Start writing SCSS or ES6 immediately.

Self Documenting

All of Grind's routes can exposed as Swagger endpoints, giving you beautiful up-to-date API documentation for free.

Forward Thinking

Grind makes heavy use of the Babel transpiler to build for the future, rather than being tied down by what Node can do today.